Sharon Brown (Brent)

My name is Sharon Brown. I was the Chair and a Director for Brent Parent Carer Forum CIC (BPCF CIC). I have four children, 3 boys and my youngest child a daughter who was diagnosed with Autism and learning disabilities. My profession is a Legal Secretary and I have worked with top Law firms for over 25 years, but I am now a carer for my daughter. I am also a qualified Beauty Therapist and I am now at college training to be a Counsellor.

I volunteered for BPCF CIC to put back into the Community and to help support other Parents/Carers who may be going through difficult times and may need guidance and encouragement. I did a lot of co-production and participation work with Brent Local Authority and I sat on the Inclusion board and workstreams with Brent Local Authority and had a lot of input in changing and improving services with the help of our members.

What motivates me is to see at the end of the conversations, through the tears, is a smile on people’s faces. My passion is for the Wellbeing and the wellness of the whole body. As Carers we need to look after ourselves so that we can look after our children.

I now also run my own social enterpise in Brent called BETHESDA COMMUNITY CARE CIC. Bethesda Community Care CIC reaches out to the community to promote RESILIENCE to vulnerable children, young people and adults who do not get the support they need to help them to thrive in the community. We also support families who have children with learning difficulties and special education needs.

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