SNC Champions Financial HealthCheck Service

Train to provide Financial Health Checks for your local SEND community 

As parents and carers, we know it can sometimes be challenging and overwhelming to understand the SEND world. The experienced team behind SNC has been working with national agencies, the Harrow local parent community, local authority, and health parents for over 13 years. We know from practical experience, that every family’s circumstances are complex and unique to them and a one size fits approach does not work for our community. That’s why we provide a personal initial individual telephone support to find out from the parent carer all the details and what they want and need for the whole family to cope and thrive. We know there is a lot of help out for families if they knew where to look. We created a simple checklist to help families be aware of some of the essential support available to them and we would like help from an army of volunteer community champions to help us spread the word and ensure no family falls through the gap and loses out of the different forms of direct and indirect financial support available, We know that for many families, this can make all the difference to them continuing to care for their children and adults with special needs and for them to stay healthy and well themselves.

We also know that the caring role most often restricts carers’ opportunities to get, stay in employment, or progress career opportunities that will lift the family out of poverty.  Therefore, the project will create future employment opportunities for parent carers themselves to train as special needs community champions to provide financial health checks and support to other families with children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities. We will help empower families across London to discover all the possible financial support available to them to lessen the impact of the disability and improve the quality of life of the family as a whole.

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