Olivia King-Boateng (Harrow)

CEO, Founder & Community Champion

I am a parent of a young person with Down’s Syndrome and Autism. I am a trained Parent Ambassador, Engagement Consultant and chief executive of SNC. I was one of the founding members of the DfE funded parent carer forum for Harrow called Harrow Parent Forum (formerly, Harrow Parents 4 Disabled Children, which was formed out of the Aiming High for Disabled Children initiative in 2008). I was the Steering Group Chair from 2010-2015 and the Secretary from 2017-2020. Parent carer forums across the country are part of the Nation Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF), which is a powerful force in promoting the participation of parents and carers in the decision-making process which involves policies and services for and involving children and young people from 0-25 years of age.

My son, Joseph, who is now 18, has Down’s Syndrome, Autism and severe learning disabilities. He is passionate about music and drama, cooking and sports. Although he experiences a lot of challenges, he is quite simply his own person and assertive to boot. Joseph attends an independent special school and accesses various specialist play provision outside school where he interacts with his peers with learning disabilities. We are both well known in the community, him for his effervescent personality; and me for my community work and simply being his mum!

I am passionate about the SEND community, providing information and support for parents, working with professionals and other SEND organisations. I am also an entrepreneur and run several other businesses of my own.

For enquiries about Special Needs Community CIC, please email: olivia@specialneedscommunity.org.uk

For enquiries on other projects, please email: info@oliviakingboateng.com

Visit my website: www.oliviakingboateng.com

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